5 car accessories that make great gifts


For most of us, cars have become more than just means of transportation, but rather true members of a family. Some of us are so attached to our cars that we even name them and make sure every piece is 100% functional and as new as possible.

It is no surprise that some people spend all their free time and spare money on car tools, accessories, and pieces to make them look better and be more powerful. So what would be the best gift for a car enthusiast? Read our top five picks and find the perfect present for your beloved one.


Leakproof litter basket

According to an urban joke, the main difference between men and women is that men like to keep their cars spotless and their rooms dirty, while women do the exact opposite. However, most of us eat or drink while driving or in traffic, so why not keep the car clean and tidy?

Instead of depositing all your litter in the narrowest corners of your car, you can opt for a leakproof litter basket that is elegant, compact, and suitable for all types of cars. It looks just like a regular small-sized suitcase and even comes with a mesh outside compartment to store a pack of wet wipes or a bottle of hand sanitizer.


Universal cell phone holder

If you don’t have already one of these devices in your car, it is high time you purchased one. They are extremely easy to mount and will keep your smartphone secure while driving. It will help you easily take calls and browse through your phone’s settings while in traffic without risking your phone to fall from your hands.

It is also perfect for those who require a constant GPS service and who need to use the phone’s guiding system to arrive at a destination point.


A good car charger

Another useful car accessory that all cars should own nowadays is a good charger. Whether you’re a blogger always on the move and you need your phone battery at the maximum level or simply don’t want to miss important things on your phone or tablet, a good car charger is a must.

However, try opting for those that can accommodate two-three devices at the same time so you’ll never run out of power and be able to post everything you want, wherever you are.


Kick Mats

Driving with toddlers and small children in the car can be a mess, especially when it comes to the front seats. If you care about your car’s interior and want to keep it clean at all costs, these kick mats are definitely welcomed.

They can be easily attached to the back of your seat so your toddler or baby sitting in the back won’t color, draw or stain your seats with his or her muddy feet or permanent markers.


Steering wheel cover

A steering wheel cover is the perfect car accessory to keep your hands warm during winter and cold on hot summer days. The extra grip will ensure maximum adherence for comfortable driving.

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