4 survival items you should always keep in your car


Most of us spend the majority of our time driving in our car. Because bad things might occur out of the sudden, we need to be prepared for any type of situation. It’s important to have some sort of supplies and tools that can help us survive when things get critical. So, here you have a short list containing the basic survival items you should always make sure you have them in your car.

Food and water

Your major priority, when stuck in a situation, is to keep your body hydrated. You can live without food for some days but water is mandatory. Because carrying water can be quite a hassle, it’s best to pack small cases of 16 small boxes of water in your trunk. This way, you don’t occupy the entire space and leave room for other emergency items that we’ll discuss later.

You can always opt for refillable water bottles that you can keep in your carry. Whenever you know you’ll be traveling into remote areas, you can stop and fill them. Even better, purchase some chlorine-based tablets that are extremely efficient at purifying the water. There are plenty of options you can get at any camping store and the majority of these tablets do a great job at killing waterborne organism if you need to fill the bottles with water from a stream or lake.

As far as food goes, a great solution is to pack energy and protein bars that you can easily slip into a backpack or glove compartment. Plus, they’re easy to find and can keep you nourished when food is not available. Just make sure to avoid brands that are too salty or too sweet because you’ll need to much water afterward.


Things to keep you warm

Never leave your house without having a wool blanket and maybe chemical warm packs in your car. No matter the season, a blanket is a must if you can’t find a proper place for sleep. Furthermore, an emergency blanket which is a metal-coated sheet of plastic used by athletes to keep warm after a race, come in handy, as well.

Plus, put a flashlight, matches, and candles so you can have a source of light during the dark. A whistle outfitted with two chambers could be useful if you need to shout for help.

Another great item is an emergency radio that can be recharged with solar energy. If you have room, get a new set of clothes, some gloves, and a hat to keep you warm.

First-aid kit

No matter where you travel or how many people you have in your car, don’t forget about the first-aid kit. It should include several types of bandages, a cloth tape, absorbent pads, antiseptic wipes, gloves, scissors, tweezers, safety pins, burn ointment, medicine, and duct tape.



The best way to carry the supplies is in a small backpack that can be useful even in situations when you need to walk up to a safe place. Make sure to buy one that is spacious inside and has loops so you can attach carabiners to them and then clip the backpack securely inside the car. This way, in case the car crashes your belongings and emergency items remain intact.


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